Javni konkurs u okviru Interreg IPA CBC programa Italija-Albanija-Crna Gora

The Montenegrin Cinematheque and the Albanian National Film Archive are announcing a public competition under the Interreg IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme RECON/No. 399/Targeted Call for Project Proposals „RE-valuation of cultural-Heritage, Knowledge and Opportunity Network“ for the residential production of one short / medium-length documentary (minimum 15 minutes) and one video installation (no time limit).
This video installation should be made exclusively from archival material kept in the Albanian National Film Archive, dating from the period from 1946 to 1989. The right to participate in the competition have individuals, directors, and contemporary artists who are citizens of Montenegro. Candidates need to be fluent in English. The application is filled out in English. The deadline for submitting applications is up to 16.05. 2022 until 14h by email: info@kinoteka.me.
The procedure for selecting the participant in the project is performed by a selection committee from the Albanian National Film Archive and Termoli Municipality. Pre-selection of projects will be performed according to the following criteria: 35 points for previous works of the artist, 35 points for the creativity of the proposed project, 20 points for the author's explication, and 10 points for the feasibility of the project. After that, an interview will be conducted via a Zoom link with the selected candidates, and a decision will be made within five days, which will be published on the Cinematheque's website.

Project description:

– The creators will receive a grant which will cover their stay in Tirana (app. 45 days) on their arrangement and that includes compensation for the author's work. From June 1st to July 15th, on the Albanian National Film Archive premises, the filmmaker and artist will select film material to digitize and then work with the assigned editor and sound designer to create the work. The first instalment of the grant will be paid one week before the start of the project (60%), and the last after the submission of the film/video installation in Montenegro (40%).
– The documentary will be treated as a work produced by the Montenegrin Cinematheque;
– Authors must not use materials other than those in the archive, which excludes the possibility for additional shooting (except audio recordings of voice over);
– Authors can choose music that is in the archive material and outside it within the allocated budget for copyright;
– Video installation does not include interventions in the gallery space other than projection on one screen or TV device.

Promotion of the upcoming documentary and video instalation will be presented in Montenegro, Albania and Italy.

For all additional information, interested candidates can write to the e-mail address: milena.charan@kinoteka.me

You can download the application form with a detailed description here:
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DOC format /Word/ZIP/
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RECON “RE-valuation of Cultural-Heritage, Knowledge and Opportunity Network” is a project funded by the Interreg IPA CBC Italy-Albania Montenegro 2014/2020 Programme, whose aim is the modernisation of archival activities and the mapping of cultural heritage materials to invest in creative industries as a key of producing a long-term strategic and innovative approach to access to archival elements. The main overall objective is stimulation of synergy beetween institutions of cultural heritage and cross-border valorisation of it through creative production of new art.


The objectives of the project are:

  • Standardization of the cataloging of film cultural heritage in order to improve the planning and implementation of conservation and restoration measures of PPs heritage as well as research work in the field of history of television and cinema;
  • Upgrading web application with interface in four languages and practical use among institution, professionals and general public, useful for making of administrative, management and statistical reports and monitoring the state of the film heritage in relation to the major reasons for the film deterioration.


The main actions foreseen by the project in the different involved areas are the following:

  • Realization of a Feasibility Study of introduction of “Cinematheque” in Apulia region, with cataloguing, storage and study of the regional cinema heritage purposes;
  • Updating of hardware and software for cataloging film materials, created by Montenegrin Cinematheque, to next level in field of multimedia content, free web search of catalog, regional platform of sharing same catalog database and optimization for needs of management and IT department, in accordance with the latest technology standards, and through cataloging commission translated in controlled vocabulary on English, Montenegrin and Albanian language;
  • Creation of a joint cross-border platform for production of two short-medium length documentary videos, two video installations and database of digitalized films’ posters, in order to make cultural exchange of artists from Albania, Montenegro and Italy (film directors, contemporary artist, film heritage experts).


  • The creation of an upgraded version of web application that archivist and researchers would use for precise methodical archiving of film and other video materials;
  • The creation of a capacity building and restoration strategy of selected materials and again put in the system available to the public using web application


  • Montenegrin Cinematheque (Lead Partner, Montenegro) – LP;
  • Albanian national film archive (Albania) – PP2;
  • Apulia Film Commission Foundation (Puglia) – PP3;
  • Municipality of Termoli (Molise) – PP4;

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II)

Duration of the project: 01/10/2021 – 30/09/2022
Total Budget: € 638.066,20
Financing IPAII: € 542.356,26
Program website: https://www.italy-albania-montenegro.eu/
Project Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/interregrecon
Project Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/interreg_recon/
Youtube page of the project: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi03q-z7oEXD7nzK8jV3y8Q
For more information please contact: Milena Charan: milena.charan@kinoteka.me